El Capitane by: Stevie Gee - Deathspray customs - Tour de Ville

El Capitane by: Stevie Gee - Deathspray customs - Tour de Ville

Friday, March 6, 2009

The end of an era

As we have come to the end of the cyclo cross season it is time to say goodbye to Richard Groenendaal.

In a way this is also the end of an era with cyclo cross races becoming faster and faster all the time. Groenendaal was one of the last tough guys who preferred the much slower, muddier and harder races.

His father Rein Groenendaal has also been a pro cyclo cross rider since 1978 and the two rode some races together in the early nineties. This means that next winter will be the first since 1977 without a Groenendaal on the starting list.

Richard Groenendaal has had many wins throughout his career but the highlight must have been the world title won in his backyard in Sint Michielsgestel, Holland in 2000.

Name: Richard Groenendaal
Born: 13 juli 1971, Den Bosch
Teams: Rabobank (1996-2007), AA Drink
National titles elite: 8
World titles: 2 (1989 juniors and 2000 pro)
World cup wins: 13.
Overall world cup wins: 1998, 2001, 2004
Superprestige wins: 20
Overall Superprestige wins: 1998 en 2001

Finally here is a video of the 2000 World championships. There was a lot of commotion round this particular race because Sven Nys was riding for the Belgian team but was a team mate of Groenendaal for Rabobank. He was caught between orders by his boss, Rabobank, and his national team. Result: 1 happy Dutchman, 2 unhappy Belgians.....


meneer said...

ahh... I remember this so well, lovely moment of national drama!

Tanya said...

Yes, I understand everything they're saying...what an interesting story. ;-)

Matt said...

One of my favourite cyclocross periods was when I lived i Japan, in Nagano Prefecture up in the Japan Alps- one yearv we had Tim Gouldd and Richard G over to race. They blew everyone away, but joined the bizarre family of racers and hangers-on that assembled in the beautiful winter season. Always a true professional, Richard showed the world class form he would wow the rest of the world with later in his career- happy retirement!