El Capitane by: Stevie Gee - Deathspray customs - Tour de Ville

El Capitane by: Stevie Gee - Deathspray customs - Tour de Ville

Friday, September 11, 2009

Vengeance is coming !

We're providing some frames and parts as part of this collaboration with artists Stevie Gee and Deathspray customs.

Make sure you go and check it out !!

While Stevie Gee was working in a San Francisco boxing gym three years ago, he met an old seaman known as "El Capitane". El Capitane relayed an incredible story to Stevie about a long forgotten cycling race that took place along the West Coast of America in 1957. 66 people started the race but only a Native American Sioux medicine man known as "Figo Vengeance" and El Capitane himself actually finished it.
Stevie was so inspired and aroused by the stories he heard that he started to create images filled with salty sea dogs, wild busty women, whisky fuelled fights and native American shamans. This is the exhibition of that work.
The show includes an exclusive fixed bicycle collaboration with Tourdeville classic bike shop and Death Spray Custom as well as limited edition screen prints and a tee shirt.
Since graduating from Central St.Martins in 2004, Stevie has produced works for a client list that includes Death Spray Custom, Parlophone, Polydor and Fence Records, Paul Smith, Lovebox, El Mars, Volkswagen, Science skateboards, Nokia and lots of magazines.
Stevie has often been likened to a modern day Ernest Hemingway with his masculine, rugged appearance and manly hobbies coupled with his sensitive creativity. He is a big hit with both ladies and men alike.

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